About Us

    The Range Network was envisioned many years ago when our founder CPT Jason Short (Retired Army), experienced the need for more continuity within the range industry. He was an independent firearms instructor that used local ranges to conduct training and, by doing so, introduced his clients to various ranges across the city of Houston. At that time, ranges were not very customer-focused, which made it difficult for people to enjoy their ranges, and they were closed off to new ideas to improve their business. It was then that Jason thought there had to be a better way for ranges and shooting sports enthusiasts to have better access to each other. It is here that The Range Network was born.

     Fast forward eight years, Jason has opened two top-of-the-line shooting sports facilities in the Houston area. The model of creating a customer-focused range that seeks to be innovative and open to new ideas has made his range the highest customer-rated in Houston. And with a focus on customers, The Range Network has been created to connect local ranges across the country to partner to create the largest community of shooting sports enthusiasts and ranges through a national range membership. We believe in the power of working together and enjoying shooting sports safely. We want to grow the shooting sports and provide access to ranges across the country to shooting sports enthusiasts.