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Our mission is quite simple; we want to make it possible for our members to enjoy the shooting sports no matter where they are in the country. 

The Range Network is bringing the shooting sports community together like never before. Ranges and Shooting Sports Enthusiasts from across the country connect to focus on one thing, "To grow the shooting sports!" Don't miss opportunities to visit astounding shooting ranges, support 2A businesses and hang out with like-minded people who share a common affinity for the shooting sports. The Range Network is about making 'Travel Time, Range Time!'

  • Not a member of a local shooting range? Use the RangeFinder to find a Network Range near you.
  • Can't / don't want to join a local range? You don't have a range nearby, but you travel a lot. The solution, you can join The Range Network and be treated like a member!
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Range Network Membership Plans


$9.99 per month

Six (6) Visits to Participating Ranges*

Benefits Include:
  • 50% off Standard Range Pass
  • One FREE Standard Handgun Rental1
  • Eye and Hearing Protection2
  • One FREE Target
  • Up to 5% off same day training3


$14.99 per month

Twelve (12) Visits to Participating Ranges*

Benefits Include:
  • FREE Range Pass
  • 50% off Guest Range Pass
  • One FREE Standard or Premium Handgun Rental1
  • FREE Eye and Hearing Protection
  • One FREE Target
  • Up to 10% OFF same day training3

Why Join?

Every shooting sports enthusiast agrees that 'any day on the range is a good day.' Join The Range Network so that even when you travel, 'any day is a range day!'. Whether on the road for business or vacationing in another great city, the Range Network can be there as you travel.

By becoming a member of The Range Network, you:

  • gain access to Network Ranges around the country
  • support the 2A communities' efforts to protect our right to bear arms
  • help support local shooting ranges

Some of the fine print we should know upfront.

  • 1 Handgun rentals are based on local availability. Host range ammunition must be purchased for use in a rental firearm.
  • 2 Eye and Hearing Protection availability for Silver Level Benefits is subject to local range policy. Fees may apply.
  • 3 Training Course availability subject to host range capabilities. Not all Network Ranges may offer discounted same-day training.

Other Benefits and Restrictions May Apply:

  • Network Ranges always retains the right to refuse service per local, state, and federal law.
  • TRN members (who pay monthly) may only visit one range per month.
  • TRN members may only visit the same range one time per membership cycle. (1X per year)
  • TRN Membership does not convey the right to carry a firearm in violation of local, state, or federal law.
  • You must be 21 years of age to be a TRN Member.